1. When will the academic year of e-techno schools commence from?
Ans:2nd Week of June.

2. Are the schools recognized by Govt. of AP.?

3. Admissions are given into which classes and through what syllabus?
Ans: Admissions are given from 6th to 10th classes.  The syllabus is SSC.

4. Is it co-education school?
Ans: Yes

5. Do you have separate classes for boys and girls?
Ans: It will depend upon the number of students getting admitted. If sufficient strength joins, there will be separate classes for girls and boys.

6. What are the timings of the school?
Ans: 8.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

7. What is the strength of each class?
Ans: 40-45 students

8. Will you make the child complete his home-work at school?
Ans: Yes, homework will be done by the student in the school hours itself.

9. What is the concept of e-techno school?
Ans: It is to induce creative thinking, to develop communication skills and to provide stress free environment with an integrated development. e-techno schools provide a plat form for success in different competitive exams.

10. How is IIT Foundation taken care of?
Ans: It starts from 6th class with the integration of SSC, CBSE and ICSE in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Special Orientation is given in e-techno schools for IIT Foundation curriculum. Special focus on Mathematics through FLASH programme, on Physics through MILE programme and Chemistry through BRAIN programme.

11. What do you mean by special focus on AIEEE?
Ans: Concept oriented thinking with objective approach

12. What do you mean by preparation for OLYMPIADS?
Ans: Making the students attempt questions based on creative thinking, multiple concepts.

13. What are the advantages of the coaching?
Ans: Students will develop awareness regarding competitive exams and will develop confidence from early age itself to attain success.

14. What will be the language of instruction in schools?
Ans: Only in English.

15. Will you give admission to CBSE and ICSE students?
Ans: Yes, but they have to submit migration certificate during the process of admission and should join SSC Curriculum.

16. Will you give admission to Telugu medium students?
Ans: No.

17. Will there be any separate foundation training initially for CBSE and ICSE students?
Ans: Yes, in the initial week of opening of school there will be special orientation programme to strengthen the fundamentals of CBSE and ICSE students.

18. How are the teachers selected?
Ans: After rigorous screening, best and experienced faculty in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry will be selected and they will be given advanced training to deal with IIT foundation by the IIT experts. Regular workshops will be conducted to the selected faculty.

19. Will there be any special focus on Bi.P.C?
Ans: Physical Sciences are common for both MPC and Bi.P.C.

20. What is the programme for Day scholars and Hostlers?
Ans: Academic Programme will be the same for day scholars and Hostlers. Students who require more attention and parents who are busy and cannot attend to these students can join their children in the hostels. Extra study hours will be allotted to Hostel students during the evening hours. Special orientation will be given to students who need to further improve.

21. How are the exams conducted?
Ans: Every week examination on IIT model will be conducted in MPC subjects. Subjective tests in SSC model will be conducted during quarterly, Half yearly, Pre-final and Final Exams. After each exam separate session will be conducted for the errors done by the students.

22. What are the details of study hours?
Ans: Every teaching period is followed by working period for MPC subjects and for Non-MPC subjects weekly assignment test will be conducted after the study hour.

23. Whom to contact regarding admission?
Ans: Parents seeking admission should contact the principal of the branch where he is willing to take admission. Admission details can be obtained in person by meeting the principal.

24. What are the Fee Particulars?
Ans: Contact School authorities for the details.

25. Will there be any concession for students who are joining this course from concept schools, Olympiad schools and any other schools?
Ans: Concession is only based on the performance in the admission test.

26. What is the quality of food you are providing to the hostlers?
Ans: Nutritious and balanced diet will be given.

27. Is there any transport facility?
Ans: No transport facility is available.

28. What are the details of the holidays?
Ans: There will be a holiday on all Govt. declared holidays and festivals.

29. What are the details of the uniform?
Ans: Boys: Shirt and Pant Girls: Shirt and divided Skirt Same belt and tie for boys and girls.

30. What are the visiting hours for parents?
Ans: Parents can take a prior appointment and can meet principal daily between 3.00 p.m to 5.00 p.m.

31. What is the special care you are taking for the benefit of students?
Ans: 1. Special orientation by experienced faculty. 2. Associate faculty for every 20 students. 3. Special practice sessions for the improvers.

32. What is the list of utilities hostel students are supposed to bring?
Ans: One mattress, 2 pillows with pillow covers, two bed sheets, one bucket, one mug, one plate, one glass, one lock and key.

33. List of residential and day scholars campuses?
Ans: The list and contact numbers can be obtained from e-techno schools website (www.narayanaetechnoschools.com).

34. What is the difference between Narayana Concept Schools and Narayana e-techno Schools?
Ans: All Narayana Concept schools confine to state syllabus with overall development of the students as the main focus. IIT foundation is also taken care of in the additional hours. In Narayana e-techno schools integration of SSC, CBSE and ICSE syllabi will be done with more emphasis on imparting IIT–JEE coaching.

35. What is the difference between Narayana e-techno schools and Narayana IIT-Olympiad Schools?
Ans: In Narayana IIT Olympiad schools, apart from integration of SSC, CBSE and ICSE syllabi, linked topics of future classes are also dealt in the detailed way paving the way for chapter based research to IIT level. Here in Olympiad schools, syllabus coverage is 25% more compared to e-techno schools. In e-techno schools, integration of SSC, CBSE and ICSE syllabus with coverage of link topics is done.

36. What is the philosophy of e-techno Schools?
Ans: To enrich skills (conceptual) with the usage of technology. To develop awareness regarding competitive exams held at state, national and international levels. To make the learning process a joyful experience. Activity based e-learning. To bring overall development in a child